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Aimée Molleman   Aimée Molleman Female Bodybuilder  
Aimée Molleman is a young attractive Dutch female bodybuilder, living in the Netherlands. Born and raised near Amsterdam, Aimée has competed since 2004 and her well developed muscular physique makes her one to watch - a rising star of the future. This muscle women site has a bio section, forum, latest news, info on Aimée's stats and sizes and even a members section for female muscle fans. Check it out!
Alina Popa   Alina Popa Female Muscle  
IFBB Pro, World Champion 2008 and Miss Universe 2007. Alina Popa who has been competing in female bodybuilding since 2004 has great looks and a body to die for. Born in Romania and now living in Switzerland, this bodybuilding woman grew up as an active a sporty kid. Starting out in aerobics, Alina entered a gym at 18 years old, fell in love with weight training, female muscle and bodybuilding and never looked back.
Amy Schmid   Muscle girl Amy Schmid  
Overcoming all odds, Amy Schmid recovered from a rare disease called Gullian-Barre Syndrome to create her amazing physique. Amy works as a fitness and wellness coach in Phoenix, AZ and her great looks and hard physique have given her exposure in the national press. More than just a muscle girl gallery, her web site has some great pictures, a journal and recounts her story.
Amy Sibcy   Amy Sibcy, Female Muscle  
NPC National level bodybuilder, Amy Sibcy grew up as an athletic kid. She started playing with weights at the age of 14 and hasn't looked back since. She started training in earnest in 2003 and entered her first competition in 2004, taking 1st place. Amy has great looks and some of the best legs in the sport. A perfect example of female muscle, her site has a bio, blog, picture galleries and a members section for fans.
Angela Salvagno   Female Bodybuilder, Angela Salvagno  
Another NPC National level female bodybuilder, Angela Salvagno lived a sporty life being involved with gymnastics, playing baseball and practicing tae kwon do until 16 when she started weight training. Her first show was in 1999 and she has competed regularly since then. Angie has great arms and is one hot lady. This amazon woman's site has some good galleries and an interesting bio section and a members section too.
Anita Ramsey   Muscle girl Anita Ramsey  
NPC national level bodybuilder, competitive bencher, prep coach, and fitness model Anita Ramsey has been a competitive female bodybuilder for over a decade. Featured in many bodybuilding magazines and media, Anita's site has a bio, information on her training and coaching services and a great gallery section with many photos of this muscle woman's amazing physique.
Anja Langer   Muscular women - Anja Langer  
Born in Stuttgart, Southern Germany, Anja Langer grew up to be one of the most famous female bodybuilders of the late 80's and early 90's. Featured in many magazines and publications, Anja has a beautiful physique and curves in all the right places. Anja now lives in the US and remains involved with female muscle and the fitness scene. Her website has some great photos and information about her life story.
Annie Rivieccio   Amazon women -  Annie Rivieccio  
Pro female bodybuilder Annie Rivieccio began weight training back in 1986 and put on some serious female muscle. Encouraged by the experience, Annie entered a NPC qualifying show and made nationals. There is only one word to describe Annie - huge! She is a real amazon woman. Her site has a number of galleries showcasing her amazing physique and there is also a members section for female muscle fans.
Aurélia Grožajová   Muscle girl Aurélia Grožajová  
IFBB professional Aurélia Grožajová is a tall, attractive female bodybuilder. Aurélia has developed an impressive physique and been featured in numerous fitness and bodybuilding publications. This muscular women's site has plenty of picture galleries and a lot of information about training and nutrition with an interesting interview section listing all her competitions.
Barbara Fletcher   Barbara Fletcher female muscle  
Official site of the great looking and well developed female bodybuilder Barbara Fletcher. Californian born Barbara has always been sporty and competitive. Growing up she played baseball, softball and basketball. Barbara soon got involved with female bodybuilding and did her 1st show in 2002. There is an interesting bio section and she also has a members area with photos. You can even buy autographed 8x10's. Check it out.
Bonnie Lefrak   Muscle women Bonnie Lefrak  
WNBF Pro bodybuilder Bonnie Lefrak has always been athletic, being involved with softball, soccer, track and basketball from an early age. As a certified personal trainer, muscle woman Bonnie naturally progressed onto bodybuilding where she has excelled in creating a hard and muscular physique. Bonnie's site has a bio, some great photos of her beautiful physique and loads of info on Bonnie's training programs along with training and diet tips.



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